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Here's what students and parents are saying:

    We first met Adam when we were looking for a tutor to improve my son's SAT math score. Adam was able to find his weak spots and worked with him to strengthen them. We used Adam for my daughter also, as she was struggling in her AP math class and couldn't find adequate help at school. Adam worked through countless math problems with her until he was certain she understood the concepts. He also worked with my daughter on SAT prep, and we found his individual tutoring to be much better than the SAT prep classes that my son had taken. Most recently, Adam helped my daughter with her college application essay, providing concise critique and suggestions for improvement. 
    What I like best about Adam is that he never tells the kids the answer. He works through things step by step, finds the problem points, and explains them patiently and clearly. I feel this gives the kids "ownership" of their knowledge, providing both improved understanding of concepts as well as classroom confidence. Interpersonally he is open and non-threatening, the teens happily kept every appointment (rare for these recalcitrant students) and actually looked forward to them. It is common to hear the words "Ask Adam," or "Adam says..." in the kids' conversations; he has definitely earned their respect, and mine.

                                        -Sylvia (Parent of high school students)

    I was  taking a month-long, fast-paced calculus       class. I really struggled with Calc II and I was on the   brink of giving up, but then I found Adam. As a tutor     myself, I can immediately tell the best tutors from the   ineffective ones. There is a difference between knowing a subject really well and being able to teach that subject  to others. Adam excels in both - and I'd highly recommend him for all ages and levels.

                                        -Jacob (college student)

   I have been a teacher for 12 years, and while I cannot teach upper-level math well, I’m confident that I am able to tell when someone can. I am appreciative of how well   Adam has taught my eighth-grader. I wanted her to learn   to think mathematically and solve problems, not merely    memorize algorithms and regurgitate them correctly. Adam  has worked on mathematical thinking with my daughter from the first day of tutoring. After a couple of months of    tutoring, she announced that she thinks math is fun. This is the best evidence of excellent tutoring. This kind of  unsolicited response from a 14-year-old, who has always   struggled in math class, does not stem from gimmicks or   treats. It is because she is asked to solve problems      herself and has experienced genuine success with Adam’s   coaching. We are glad we found such a tutor.

                                     -Kim (parent of middle school student)

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